Saturday, March 11, 2006


Perhaps the coldest weather i've experienced in a while. HELL!





Friday, March 10, 2006

hellish spot perfect spot. chickenpox.

Uno skateparkos SHITOS
This place was dangerous. Watch yersel.
This is what ye get if ye leave things in charge of fat greasy Spanish councillors!!!! Skate Or Die.
Lets get tae fuck and find a curb tae sesh.
This dream spot was a minute away from the hotel ah stayed in. You had to pass a coffee shop to get there. Perfect.
The perfect early mornin hit up.
Fuckin Brilliant.
Ah've always liked stickers.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wallopin Wednesdays

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Snow, More Sun, More Daft Hats.

Sleepy head
Highest hedge:
beech hedge planted in 1746, now at least 36.6m/120ft high and 550m/1804ft long at Meikleour, near Perth Needed to stop for fuel in the form of bacon rolls.

Hooked up with Alex for a bit .

Mal decided to go for a walk. While he did that i built this kicker. Kinda hard to see but my boards packing the lip.
I think this was the first hit i've ever built on my own.

It worked nice to.
Pity i never made it.
Alex built a kicker down yonder.Then we got a call from mal. So we went up to check him on the run of the day.

The weather was rad.Quack Quack

Biftah Bildah

This guys suit almost burnt out my retinas.Mals retinas were protected by his hippie vision lensesTheres always one eigh
the snow cat built us a mellow roller thing.
Then the lifts shut.
So we hiked that till the sun went down.

And when it did it got cold .....
it was like our gloves froze up.
On the way back down to the spital for a pint. We saw thousands of deer. It was mental. They were on both sides of the mountains. Like a deer army. Up the deers!
We got a seat by the fire at the Spital inn. The place is sick. The guy on the left lost an eye in battle.

Weapons of war.

It looks like shite but the gravy n chips in Blairgowrie was good.