Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Heres a vid i found on Youngos Youtube (check it in our links.). Me, youngo n Mitch. What a hoot.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ye'll no get much better for 400 beans.

Me and Stevie Jib bought this for offroadin. Been oot once and we've awready had oor money's worth. This thing goes like fuck!
Heres Sandy the chief. He was filmin the sesh and generally takin things easy.
Stevie could get stuck in a bowl of soup haha. He helped us oot a few times though, good ol' Stevie.
Stuck in the mud.
A big pink landy. Quality.

Heres the crew. Standin aboot waitin for somebody tae get stuck. It shouldnae be too long.
Git it up ye!
Comin through.
Yellow looks guid dirty eh.
Big Craig needin a tow.
Stevie went tae help.
Craig's gonna have a new one for next time. Cannae wait tae get stuck in that.

Rode hard and put away wet!!

Bike For Sale

This is how my motocross bike has sat for a few years. The gear box went on it. So i finaly pulled the finger out and got another from eBay. It took Stew from Ecosse Motocross a couple of days to fit it back into the engine.

M.X bits have been lying about the house for a while now.

I thaught i'd give the frame a paint while the engine was out. So it's turned into a complete stripdown and rebuild.....Great....

Guess i should fix that hole thats in the crankcase as well. So its off to B&Q for some liquid METAL!

remnants of a thrown chain.




Steve at Hillend let me use his horkshop and tools for getting the new rear suspention bearings in.

Yea, thats right the wee box there that the linkage bearings came in says 52 fookin quid. I had to get anothe one of these for the shock bearings. Just aswell Ecosse Stu let me use my knackered gearbox as trade.

Swingarm and front forks on......
Starting to look sick on the stand.

Then the engine, Air box, Radiator ......

And then the rest of the plastics......
94 Honda CR125