Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day!

It was supposed tae be a dawn patrol through in Airdie this mornin but when ah was goin tae pick up Col ah got a call from Penny sayin Stevie was aw broken doon in his new motor miles away doon the A1. Time tae break oot the B.B.R.
He was fuckin delighted tae see us. Cheers.

Stevie gettin busy tellin us aw aboot his nightmare breakdown.

Waterin the plants.

When we got tae where Stevie was he had already walked 13 miles. And that was in 3 hours, its gotta be some kinda record likes.

He was sweaty and stinkin after havin slept in the back of the hilux and walkin like a radge most of the mornin. Clean shirt well deserved.

First glimpse of the foggy hilux breakdown. Wait a minute.... ah hear a song there.

Doesnae mean shit if it doesnae go ay.

Jump start achieved brussel sprout......

Stevie thinkin......

Colin lookin......

Ma wee bro went for a daunder roondaboot and found these bad boys...

Its like fuckin Deliverance doon there by the way!!

Its aw aboot tae happen. Tow rope management.

Get some.

These badges atre held on wi velcro. Bangin son!!!!

Stoked tae be behind the wheel again.

Ma rig saved the day.

Legendary skate SPOTT.

What a belter.