Monday, July 03, 2006

Riders On The Storm

Dry so far.
Got to the Chapel
for a quick carve,
then it pished down.
So we headed into The Weejer.
On the way in we passed Rattray Motor Spares, had to take a pic for Stew. Kinning Park tube station.

Ape slider.

Dunno where this is .... Some banks ... Some place ... Under some bridge .
Then off to Focus

Nike Air Guinness.

New stick for the Bazman.
Done deal.
Right !.... Where next?

A wee stroll into Kelly G. But it was kinda wet.So it was off for pool and a pint.
D-Mo chuckin nuts.
I went for one and clocked my napper offa that stupid rail.
Kelly kinda dry.
We wanted the chapel ...
Back again. Rain clouds in tow.

It held off till the end of the sesh though.

Gangster kids with guns are a common occurrence at Drumchapel.