Friday, May 06, 2011

Fresh Aberdeen Thistles Footage

War of the Thistles Aberdeen 2011 from 2+4 on Vimeo.

Reynolds B Sides

Andrew Reynolds: Emerica Stay Gold B-Side from Emerica on Vimeo.

New Label Am Javan Campello

May Montage Fae Typical Culture

With all these bodies in it Alex Caceres, Alex Perelson, Andy Mack, Bario Mike, Brad Wescott, Brandon Keaveny, Brian Gille, Chaz Pineda, Cody Carlin, Connor Getzlaff, Dave Brollard, Doug Valdez, Dylan Messer, Elijah Berle, Jason Hunt, McKinney, Nick Suarez, Paul Sewell, Red, Russell Grundy, Chris LaRue, Shawn Ross, Spencer Prati, Tim Williams, Heman, Wes Kremer

Typical Culture May Montage Part 1. from TYPICAL CULTURE on Vimeo.

Willis Kimbel Earns His BEER

Quiksilver : Ha Ha Ha No

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday Night Sesh At The Garage

Lots o heads out for a schralp the night, i was enjoyin the skate too much tae stop n take pics but here's a couple....

Mark front pivot on the crete edge, right before his skull shakin slam

Lachlan backside air in the bowl

Monday, May 02, 2011

Dawn Patrols BBQ's n Bikes

Sunday was another banger o a day which we started off wi a dawn patrol at Saughton followed up by a BBQ at Stevie n Penny's.

Dawn Patrolers talkin tactics

The Parks a different animal in the mornins, way quieter

Mark gettin straight down tae business, backside air fi the quarter tae the bank

Once we were done at the park it was down tae Stevie n Penny's where the BBQ was smokin!

Stevie's thinkin o buyin a new whip, and it's a belter

Even Mark was tryin it out for size

Col was gettin in about the shrimp skewers afore the crowds gathered

Guid times had !

Blood Wizard Mongo 12

Search for the Mongo Monster...Episode 12 from Blood Wizard on Vimeo.

Thistles Aberdeen


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Sunday, May 01, 2011