Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Euro tash

Rushty liyks dooing backside rodeos . Pumping and cumming ja.
Some folk decided they needed a day off.....The hardcore went snowsk8in.

Mitch going long.

we went to all the wee parks in avoriaz .... free day on the hill

thats abdy thats staying in the farmhoose

youngo wouldne share his pizza with anyone else

horse whisperer jaa jaa.

This is when we went up to Les Gets

top o the world maw top o the world

Les gets serve their beer with floaters in

You always find the best weapons in the sweet shops in france

beers & park

spanish bulshit band

best photo ever

vid on the way .

Stairway tae Bluegrass.

It was a thursday night and we shoulda been shreddin, but there was this Bluegrass band playin wi Rusty's band supportin so we aw went along. Classic!!!
Col's got some bangin new Wallopers merchandise on the go. Seemingly if ye want any you've got tae talk tae his burd Lisa. Punk rock eh. Haha!! Incidently The Wallopers are playin The Left Bank next Thushred night. Be there. 15th March. Remember Push Mongo, Hit after hit.

Rusty's band The Gutbuckets play some wacky Blues shit to keep the crowd at bay. Nice.

Rusty's alwys fuckin smilin.

Mel and Dave out and about. Makin the most of it before their wee screamer arrives. Ah hope ye like Mel's wee pose.


Sprocket was oot for the night tae.

So were his dugs.

Here we go.

These guys were rulers.

Thats right... Up off yer arse and dance....

Just like Stevie.

Rusty smilin again.

Big Dave Sorb takin charge of the dancefloor.

Monday, March 05, 2007

JUST CHECKING IM GETTIN THIS NEW ACCOUNT THANG SET UP CORRECTLY........ PAINTED THIS AT THE WEEKEND.................................................................

Cheesy Walloper

A.K.A ghost cheese.

youngos kitchen disasterchow down. Anna's veggie madrass.
Ancle stick

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I sold my glands for gadgets

today started with a rustys skipping rope accident
blue beard

gray beard

There was a comp going on the day at the park.

The traverse of treachery

comps going on at the big park and the pipe the day so the beers got bought and we hit up the wee park (trashers)

mitch 180 oot????



blue beard

rusty wiped his arse on the rail

Stew numbing the pain .