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A Day In The Yard With Mike Peterson


A cross country skate trip from South Florida to San Francisco with Brad Cromer, Nicky Lamarche, Jake Donnelly, Brian Downey, Brad Miller, Joey Ragali, Serge Murphy, Tony Huffnagle... Also featuring Dave Bachinsky, Ishod Wair, Robbie Brockel, and Jeremy Reeves.


Sidewinder Pool Sesh Wi Ben Raybourn, Willis Kimbel and Taylor Bingaman

Double Rock : Friday Night Fight

Thursday Schralp At NB VERT

A nice wee vert shred was had on thursday at The Space and a thought i'd try n take a few pics, however the pics might o looked awright on the wee viewin screen o the camera but when i looked at them once they were loaded ontae the computer turns oot they were pretty much all oot o focus, COCK! i clearly need tae get a bit more practice in on the takin pics front. These are about the only pics a think are worth a shite and theyre oot o focus n all, fuckin fuck.

Paris, gearin up for what they call gettin down

Ruari blastin a lein air

Frontside airs fae Paris up here

And Ruari doon here

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