Friday, January 07, 2011


While we're on a product rant LIFEBLOOD SKATEBOARDS have finally released some product. And incase you forgot what Lifeblood are about i've re posted their promo vid below. Watch Frank Faria, Mason Huggins, Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, Oudalay Philavanh, and Johnny Turgesen tear the parks a new one. (on the down side we'll probably never see any of this product in this country, somebody sort that out)

Lifeblood Skateboards Promo Video - Orcas Island from Lifeblood Skateboards on Vimeo.

Shit PIC but i want me one o these. Anti Hero GROSSO

Click the pic for a closer look

Guid Back Yard!

A Wee Peek Into the Crazy Crystal Life That Is Mark T Bag Murray

More Skateboarding Videos

Debacle Bonus Footage

Can't remember if i posted this or not when it first surfaced but i just watched again while i was gettin the around the world shit and it's sick so have it again, or not as the case may be

Nike SB Go Around The World

Thursday sesh

Thursday night and it was wet n cold outside which meant one thing, SPLINTERS :-(, Mark, Scott, Aaron, Paris, Kerr n maself headed down n got oor skate on

Aaron indy over the hip

Kerr switch K i think but am no sure about these street tricks eh

Mark board killer Burrows on board No 2 of the night Andrecht over the spine

Aaron wi a mute backside boneless tae fakie type o affair (in the dark goin by ma footage!)

ACRETE are hittin up Hebden Bridge wi a bucket load o CONCRETE

Youngo and his good mates at ACRETE are about to start work on this beast in Hebden Bridge (which a think is in between Manchester n Leeds) Nice one Youngo!, fae CONCRETE SLAYER tae CONCRETE LAYER, GET IN. (as usual click on the images if ye wanna see em big and click the links in green if ye wanna go deeper)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fuck Yes!

Monday, January 03, 2011

This Looks Like It'll Be Guid

1989 Texas Style Demo II or Tranent Drill Hall? You Decide

This is a demo in Arlington Texas from 1989 with John Gibson, Dan Wilkes, Bill Danforth, Billy Smith & Craig Johnson but with the style, hair and tricks goin down it could just as easy be the Tranent crew back in the day in the drill hall no?

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Shuriken hits the park, plus a nice wee bowl sesh

First Skate o 2011

Pretty stoked today as it's only the 2nd and it was dry enough tae get a skate on at Saughton, in fact the ice in the pic below was pretty much the only unskateable bit o the park.

Kerr was out repin Clan n skatin like a demon as always

Colin backside boneless