Friday, March 27, 2009


Solo mission tae aberdeen this week for me cos everybody else was either away or backed out o the sesh . A went up and had a skate wi youngo though he had travelled fae elgin tae get a skate on n all. Callum had footage o cults on his laptop so me n youngo thought we'd get oot there for a wee sesh before we hit up the park .

Youngo started his sesh off by rollin a number

its tight in that wee room never mind the puddles n rubble we had tae dodge

but this place gets top marks for DIY crete parkage , nice work

The local youth have been decoratin, BRIDGE O DON YA BASS

there's even bits o old scottish skate vids just lyin around, great, get yersel's there n get a sesh on

Sunday, March 22, 2009

anybody wantin a bike ?

I'm sellin ma BMX , it's a 1985 Haro Sport with skyway wheels, panaracer freestyle tyres, GT performer bars,redline forklifter stem, am'e round grips, sugino CT 750 3pce cranks, kashimax aero seat, odessy layback seatpost, dia compe brakes n levers and GT copy DX pedals.

This took alot of time n money to put together and am no givin it away .Its all new old stock and is in as new condition. Am lookin for about £700-£750, if you do your research on e-bay/vert-ego etc you'll see that you can't pick these things up cheaply, especially in good condition. Its not a re issue this is an original 1985 Haro.

If yer interested drop me an e-mail at

2 Week Mash Up

It's been a couple o weeks since i've put anythin down on the walloper but i've still been takin pics , this bunch were taken between Livi n Aberdeen over the past two weeks . Enjoy

Before headin tae A'deen i went and payed a visit to the hallowed ground, it'd been a while
They've been buyin bags o crete and changin things up at the park at livi, Go on boys !
The wall at the bowl is now way more skateable
Stu makin use o his handiwork and headin intae the corner
After a quick schralp at livi we were headed for aberdeen, the green reaper (aka Mr Kennedy) was ridin shotgun
No far now
Stu gettin all artistic like and leavin his mark
They've been buildin again in aberdeen, Stu let the new quarter know who was in charge wi a back d
Col was gettin a schralp on
Youngo gettin his rock n roll on
Stu's frontside smiths are like a steam train comin off the rails
Stu front door
Stu, back door
Cube , lein tae tail