Sunday, May 28, 2006

ASDA Smart Price

Drive by. This was the first camping trip of the summer
Now the monty task of moving all the shit from the truck to the spot.
1/2 way there..... It was like moving house.Rakes of wee rag houses.
Cheers Peggy.
ASDA Smart price

Get it doon ya, come on!
Tent pole fishing. After we got everything set up we went to get the lay of the land .
That was the spot, courtesy of Stevie Nicks.


Happy camper.
The woodrun was treacherous.
The only wood we could find was at the top of this sketchy hill covered in vines and leaves.
If you slipped at the top you were gonna be on your arse for a while until you cracked your skull on the rocks below and drowned
Mell brought her ghost story's, D-mo brought the hot chocolate.

Lisa D was cold so we unleashed the flames of hell.

Yee-haw! camping ceilidh.
With more story telling.
After this one we should have burnt that damn book.



I never learn.

So long.