Friday, November 04, 2011

Hip's n Shoulders : Thursday Night Schralpin at Transgression

Thursday sesh was at transgression and the hip was gettin hit hard toward the end o the night. The session ended abruptly when Aaron's shoulder got mangled at which point his session transferred to the national health service... Nothin that a wee bit rehab won't sort out though, he'll be back destroyin the parks in no time. Get well soon mate.

Ruari transferin intae the bowl

Aaron tweakin out a banger o a backside air

Method air fae Big Mark

Ruari aim'n for the corner pocket frontside

Kieran loftin over the hip wi an indi

and wi a backside one foot

Ruari air fakie

Mark invert over the hip

Aaron wi a backside air a split second afore he did THIS