Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Road To And The War O The Thistles Day 1

As usual i set off wi the best intentions o takin loads o photo's o the day but quickly got side tracked by skatin, thirst and hunger at different points in the day. As a result much less in the way o pics were taken but i did manage some along the way.The skatin that went down by various heids throughout the day was amazin(too many to mention).Big congrats to Paris on the win. So with an added bit o footage courtesy o SIDEWALK , here's what little i got. As always click the pics if ye wanna see em bigger

 We made a pit stop at Stonehaven on the way to A'deen, the sun was blazin and a guid wee sesh went down wi Mark,Matty Welsh,Daniel Nicholas,Zander and mysel. Stonehven bowl below.

Mark puttin down a lay back air on the quarter, right afore Tattie phoned for an update on the sesh.
Followed by a frontside air on the same QP, which is all fae there...
On to A'deen

More Skateboarding Videos
Felix gettin some foot rehab therapy
Colin Adam wi a backside air on the mini's extension
Followed by a couple o bangin airs fae Ruari in both directions
Aaron lookin after Paris's side o the Sword afore abody headed home....