Monday, March 18, 2013

Vert Party 2 North Berwick

Saturday night saw Vert party 2 happening at THE SPACE. It was a good night with people making the effort to travel from all corners of Scotland to get their shred on. A whole heap of sick skating went on but i'm not gonna go into the who did whats and where they did its. Long story short Div Adam won, Colin Adam came 2nd and Ruari got 3rd, but everybody was killin it. Big thanks to everybody involved in organising this, to everybody who donated prizes, to LD for makin the trophies and to everybody who made the effort to get there. Below are some o the pics from the night, click em to see em bigger, they're better that way.

Mark handin out grief

Div Adam frontside air

Div Adam  maddonna

Colin Adam lien to tail

Adam Paris backside air

Dunder gettin his grind on

Colin Adam backside air

Ruari backside air

Div frontside ollie

Div FS tail grab

Kerr fakie ollie

Colin Adam tweaked out backside air

T Bag huckin one frontside